About Cindy

After years of working in restaurants, hotel spas and catering. I settled down.

Not that raising two children in a small New York City apartment is anything less than unsettling….but for me, let’s call it “semi-retired”.

So in my semi-tired state, I began to cook at home. I went from a grand eight burner stove….to my tiny 4 electric burner with an typical NYC electric oven that could barely accommodate a thanksgiving turkey. I started hanging out with mothers who declared, quite fairly, that this stay at home-cook at home thing “wasn’t working for them”. They needed help.

We all want to eat well at home. It’s just not easy. People have different palates, time is limited and a typical urban kitchen is smaller than a suburban closet.

Being the kind of person who really likes to help people. I decided to offer services to help busy people eat home made meals again.

My goal is to bring back the ritual of dining together as family and friends within our homes-without the head aches.

Cindy Walt

Professional Bio

Chef Cynthia Walt has spent over 30 years working in the restaurant industry.

She has cooked in high profile restaurants in New York City and San Francisco, California. Cynthia opened Terra Bistro in the Vail Athletic Club, spearheading the organic movement in the resort town. She was featured in Food Arts, The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Cooking light as 1997 Chefs we love and multiple segments on the TV Food Network.

Cynthia started a family and worked as a private chef for many high profile families in San Francisco, NYC and the Hamptons

She has consulted and designed Wellness menus for the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute. Cornell Medical Center and collaborated with nutritionists and doctors for their clients recovery.

Cynthia Founded Urban Cooking Solutions LLC in 2010. She has a variety of clients in the tri-state area and focuses on bringing the ritual of in home dining back to busy professional New Yorkers who are strapped for time. She as been featured in the Robb Report. http://robbreport.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/seven-private-chefs-share-tips-and-recipes-eating-healthy-228518/

Her innate knack for understanding trends and tastes has given her a great reputation in Manhattan. Cynthia understands what people want.

Cynthia lives in Brooklyn New York with her husband and Children. She is an active Ceramic Artist and cyclist when she finds the time.