Customized Meal Service
You work hard. We’ll shop then cook it, pack it, label it and clean it all up. You heat it up according to our instructions. The only finger you have to lift is the one for the microwave.

Dinner Parties
We do small parties for up to 10 guests. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Individual Cooking Lesson
It’s all about you. We’ll come to your apartment or home and gently guide you through a delicious meal from start to finish. Using your own tools, we’ll show you how to make 2-3 dishes you’ll be proud of. You will be grateful that it’s not yet another “take-out” night.

Group Cooking Parties
Invite your friends to this low stress fun experience. Parties usually range from 6-8 people and everyone has a great time while learning how to make great food, beautifully presented

Vacation Box
Come home to a fully-stocked refrigerator and pantry at home or on vacation

Shopping Expedition
Here is your opportunity to navigate the markets with a professional. We’ll show you where and how to select the best ingredients.

Kitchen Re-boot. Complete ergonomic overhaul within your budget.

Gift Certificates
What a great idea… Give the solution to a friend!